Just in time for the Holiday Cheer!

An acapella medley of songs from the movie "Frozen" with a twist of humor.

Your jaw will drop while your face aches from smiling so much!


The two guys; Scott and Mitch are known as Superfruit.

Their special guest is Kirstie Maldonado.

These three are also 3/5 of another, very successful group called Pentatonix.

Here's a nice cross-section of Pentatonix's capabilities...



Enjoy the rest of your day!


My Most Engaging Tweet


I just sent a tweet out about multiple rainbows appearing in the Buffalo area during the Meltdown of the recent arctic blast. (See pic below)


The latest numbers are:

  • 2055 impressions
  • 40 engagement
  • 6 favorites

...all within 23 minutes of tweeting.


So What's the Point?


The point is, when you share something that resonates with others, that's when you get the response, the social interaction.

Pay attention to what you send out, whether it is to your email list, Tweets, Shares or anything else.

The more Resonance-y your message is, the more interaction you will get.

Have an Awesome One!

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Have you ever stopped to ponder & think about how important they end up being?


Do You realize that You, Right Now, are a Sum result of all the decisions You have made in your Life?


This little quip by Paul Arden encases the thought quite nicely...


Don't Live a Life of Regret

Make the decisions that YOU want to make...

  • not the one that's always practical,
  • not the one that society wants you to make
  • not the one that's necessarily the popular one


It's Your life, decide for YOU!


Take Care!

How many times do we mutter under our breath when, what we consider a limitation, foils us yet again?


What if We embraced it?

What if We asked ourselves "How Can I?" instead "How come I can't?"


Watch the presentation below as Phil Hansen tells us about the end of his art career because of uncontrollable shaking... or was it?



Embrace ALL that You Truly are

Work WITH what you have been given instead of against it.

Don't worry about what people will think of you, they are not creating the life that You are living.

Don't be the best you can be, Be Extraordinary.

In Peace & Love,



Keep It in Mind, Keep it Real



When you focus on Happiness & Joy, the big things become smaller and more manageable. Don't Focus on What you Don't want but rather on what You DO Want and the positive results will come quicker.

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